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Someone who trolls with no real original thought or idea. An individual seeing countless others before him discuss or troll a topic and just doing the same to be cool or fit in with others.

When a forum gets over run by everyone trying to be that guy and troll.
OP: What do you think of these new dead stock nikes?

Hipster Troll: /funny image

HT2: /related unfunny image

HT3: /related unfunny image

can't use links so that example is out, but posting an image then having 10 other people do the same thing after the original poster posts.
by jb179o May 19, 2011
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Using a variety of IP scramblers, proxies, and ISP accounts, hipster troll spends a good deal of his ample free time giving 25 thumbs down ratings a day to any definition of "Hipster" that he finds critical, negative, and offensive on

For verification of hipster troll's activities, go to the first page for "hipster," write down the number of thumbs down given for any critical definition, and then come back the next day to see 20-30 more thumbs down. Similarly, go to the positive definition and watch it go 25 thumbs up in a day.
Hipster Troll: "Hurry up and get off the computer mom! Someone just defined a Hipster as a "posturing, posing, wannabe" and I need to give 'em the first installment of the 300 thumbs down that I will be working on as my pet project this week. But hurry, I can't be late for my job at the Olive Garden!"

Mom: "Those hipster losers still won't like you hun. You better just go to work now."
by Hipster Critic February 26, 2010
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