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A variant spelling of Hillagate. The series of scandals created by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton when she allegedly used a private unsecured computer server to handle classified information instead of a properly secured government server; all in violation of a number of federal laws. This has been further complicated by Hillary's try for the presidency despite her unlike-ability and corrupt trickery in securing her party's nomination.

Hillary doesn't think that the law/any law applies to her. She lies shamelessly and her attitude is "catch me if you can!" This could mean prison for her (Hillary For Prison, 2016!) unless she pulls another Clinton dirty trick and again puts herself above the law. Takeoff on the Watergate scandal surrounding the late former president Richard M. Nixon.

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Clinton, lies, corruption, scandals, unsecured, private, government, server, presidency
"It's my turn to be president", Hillary bellowed. "Nothing can stop me."

"Hillarygate can" was the answer.
by Disillusioned Dem June 11, 2016
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