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Cheating on your wife or girlfriend, especially if in the process of cheating, you disappear for a few days and say you are going someplace where it is impossible to be reached. Can also be used on a woman to say that she's cheating.

Same meaning as the other two entries here at "Hiking in Appalachia" and "Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains", except that that "hikin' the Appalachian Trial" sounds better.
guy 1: "Where's Dave? I thought he he was going to play golf with us today."

guy 2: "He told his wife he had to work the weekend, but I think he's hikin' the appalachian trail. He was flirting all week with that new chick in accounting"


guy 1: "Where has your girlfriend been lately?"
guy 2: "I dumped her ass! Caught her hikin' the appalachian trail, and that was it for that slut!"
by rpompeii June 29, 2009
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