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Hijacking someone's press is akin to reading a person's life story or an interesting fact about a person and then using it as a part of your life story, job experience, etc. It's really bothersome when the person doing the hijacking is really clueless about your experiences or what happened to you.

Some bosses hijack their employee's work and call it their own, but are hard-pressed to explain how they came about the solution or why they felt it was the best solution.

These acts aren't sincere forms of flattery. These people are counterfeits.
I read an article about Simon in the Wall Street Journal where he hijacked my press. He said he came up with this new microblogging site idea while he was driving home one day. Well, he certainly did because I left my journal explaining this new microblogging idea I came up with last month in his car while I was rushing to the airport.
by UD Noob September 18, 2010
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