Idaho's north-south route, Highway 95 (also known as the Goat Trail, is one of the nation's 9 deadliest highways. And that was BEFORE California ascended on us. Although portions of it have been improved, the good-old-boys in the southern Idaho legislature fail to adequately fund other badly-needed improvements. Meanwhile, the greedy folks in the tourism industry tirelessly promotes this place and people flock here. Expect many, many more fatalities. It's not a matter of it, it's a matter of when. Those of us who drove it before were already white-knuckled with semis riding our butts on one-lane roads in winter and summer and with deer and moose and other animals on the move - now we're REALLY white-knuckled with an added bunch of Californians who haven't a clue about how to drive and think they can defy physics. Good luck with that and I hope I'm around when they find out they can't. I drive 30,000 miles a year, drive defensively and am outta here as soon as I can see my way clear to go. (Be really careful if you're going to Silverwood theme park as they're been quite a few killed around there, too!)
Idaho's Highway 95 is a death trap.
by Disgruntled Idahoan August 04, 2007
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