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A high school located in North Highlands, Ca., a school rich in tradition. The school offers a good education but can sometimes be a challenging learning environment. Alot of smart, successful people came out of Highlands and what you get out of it is what you put into it. A place where friends are more than that, they're family. The rough neighborhoods and sometimes mean streets of North Highlands can be harsh and one can grow up very quick, there is a common ground though for alot of these kids other than the classroom and that is on the field. The once proud athletic program is making a comeback due to the alumni of the school who want to put the Scots back on the map and show that it does mean somethng to be a Scot and that this city has more to offer than the bad reputation it has gotten through the years. The area has put out and continues to put out alot of great STUDENT ATHLETES and has alot of talent on and off the field. Due to the people who put in the time these kids have a chance and can put HIGHLANDS back on the map.
by capdog January 28, 2010
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