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Highblacking is the practice of moving large groups of poor minorities into northern cities causing the subsequent phenomenon of white flight. Highblacking occurs in states that have never allowed slavery, but the highblackers somehow extract moral guilt from northern whites, despite the blood and limbs shed to free them nearly 150 years ago. Highblacking is a pun on highjacking.
Detroit Public Schools are bankrupt, how is Detroit going to get out of this mess? Remember the Detroit city riots in 1967 when the city burned, the National Guard was called up by the governor, and federal troops were sent in by President Johnson? In those days blacks comprised 40% of the city, today they have 81.6% of the population, U.S. Representatives, mayors, city council members, and Board of Education members but the city is still a national disgrace. The city of Detroit has experienced the most severe case of highblacking in U.S. history.
by manbearpig_1985 July 21, 2009
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