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The guy in High School who graduates high school as the kid who everyone though was either,

A. was going to kill everyone in the school so they made him an outcast.

B. Payed attention in class and got pissed when kids wasted time and disrespected the teachers.

C. Or was the kid everyone beat up or made fun of because he stuck out like a white kid in River Rouge

And in all three cases this person will not even grace the ass holes he went to school with by attending the reunion because guaranteed he has better things to do.
A. Don't fuck with him hes the "High School Loser" and he might kill you...

B. Why is it Im called a "High School loser" because I actually care about learning so that I can pass that test?!

C. I'm the "I'm The High School Loser only because I'm in NHS, and Student council, and Chess Club.
by Atlas Flyer November 15, 2008
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