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A type of race in which two drivers are on opposite ends of the street. The "high noon showdown" takes place when there are cars parked on both sides of the street, and the "winner" is the one who gets through first. Many people tend to take the "run and gun" technique to win at these intense competitions. This is where they use the brutal strength of their engine to scare the competition to backing down. Other typical types of racing are the "Bright and Flight" style where the one racer tries to blind the other driver with his/her brights and burn rubber through the playing field.

To win at this intense game, you need a decent "steed" (as the duelists call it) to break down the competition. The favorite steed of the duelest usually consist of a soccer mom mini van with a supped up engine, or a monster truck, for the maximum scare possible.

The reward for these deadly duels, pride, pure, uncontrolled, unadulterated pride. The "True" Duelist will keep a tally on his/her dashboard to show to future passengers how he/she is truly the High Noon Showdown Champion.
"DAAAAAAMMN dude, yesterday I totally pulled out a shake and bake on this old grandma weilding a old trailblazer during a High Noon Showdown, she didn't know what hit her after I blinded her with my Highs."

"Do you see that on the dashboard? I got my 10th "K-O" today. I employed the "Slip n' slide" move to totally fake out that soccer mom"
by El Chongo April 13, 2007
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