A high value man, or HVM for short, is a man that is seen as highly valuable either to society or in a relationship (romantic/familial/friendship) to the opposite sex (women).

In most cases, the term is used to refer to a specific caliber of men that women value the most in the dating market. These men often fit certain archetypes of an alpha male; or have acquired certain attributes that fit into the currently-desired interpretation of a modern man.

These men are typically high-earners, of a high social status (or simply, not low status), traditional, fit or in shape, a desirable height, hygienic, successful in their own right or with a clear future vision of success, confident, assertive and masculine; funny, likeable, caring, intelligent, loyal, spontaneous and level-headed/emotionally strong.

Typically these men will not fit all these characteristics, but for most women, an acceptable amount or the most important of these will suffice and classify them as a HVM depending on their preferences.

Usually these men play the field and do not settle down or inversely don’t date at all; unless they find someone truly viable as a life-partner. There is a shortage of these men and a surplus of women who desire them, which is what often encourages being non-monogamous.
“Who’s that guy over there?”

“Oh him? That’s Calvin, he’s an attractive, young, high-earning entrepreneur that embodies everything else a women could want in a guy. A ‘high value male’ if you will.”
by THEREALHYPEBOSS August 24, 2021
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