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High Beam punishment is what happens when an aggressive driver from behind you wants you to get out of his/her way and you don't get out of the way fast enough so that driver puts on his/her bright high beam headlights to hurt your eyes. High Beam punishers are low life losers that are too aggressive. They want to prove they are somehow more superior by abusing others on the road. Most, if not all, male High Beam punishers have a small dick and are over compensating by driving an overly expensive car or driving a huge pickup truck or SUV. Lady High Beam Punishers are similar to their male counterparts because they are also too aggressive, mean, stupid, abusive and have no life.
Shit! that fucker behind me just gave me High beam punishment because I didn't get out of the way fast enough.
That Ass Hole!
by *Dr Dave November 21, 2009
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