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Hiffneh! is basically a term that defines anything "super-hardcore" or severly disgusting and indecent. The word originated from the name of the Rhode Island hardcore/grindcore band Hiffneh! and the outrageous attitude that follows the band and its fans.

Hiffneh! can be used as any kind of subject in speach. (i.e. adjective, noun, verb, etc.) All of which meanings stay in the same definition as something profane and and gross.

Some early influences in the Hiffneh! attitude include some distinguished members of the punk community; including the late and great GG Allin, and bands such as The Germs and Demented Are Go.
"Hiffneh! is the sound you make when you see a dog get fucked over by a car! It's the way you roll over in your own waste! It's how badly you wanna just rape all moving objects in sight! To put in short and simple you either get Hiffneh! or you're a pansy ass bitch that I really could'nt give a fuck about." - Todd Phukker, (Lead Singer for Hiffneh! in an interview with Rolling Stones)
by Slappy the Balls from Mars April 06, 2010
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