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A game invented by Rich and Tubbz, involving concealing one's weiner in another person's orifice (usually the mouth). More often than not the term will be to used when commenting on someone who is pulling a face in which their mouth is open. For past, present or future use...
Is similar to the terms "Hide The Sausage", "Hide The Salami" and "Go/Went Balls Deep"
Past Tense:
*Someone pulls appropriate face*
Rich: Hey Tubbz I "Hid The Weiner" in that gapin' hole
Present Tense
Tubbz: Yo' can people not interrupt me when I'm "Hiding The Weiner" please?
Future Tense
Rich: Oh Yeah, I'd definitely "Hide The Weiner" in that orifice!!!
by Tubbzeh May 14, 2006
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