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Also known as the "Heyman Monster" (search heyman)
This particular monster lurks around the house of the heymans. It is brown, furry, has an enormous mouth, and two arms that resemble huge drumming sticks.
It follows the great heyman around, pushing down Gerry's wherever he goes.
It's special attack power is known as the "HEYMAN SMASH" as it will use its too drumsticks or drumarms, and smash you until you die, cry like a gerry, or run away.
It's favorite phrase is HEYMAN or NOT COOL MAN, and of course HEYMAN SMASH1!!!!!

Remember, if you ever encounter this great beast, beware of the Heyman Smash, because it's just not cool man.
Gerry is walking down the street where he sees Xavier and challenges him to a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.

Xavier accepts.
*Gerry sends out Exodia*
Gerry: HAHAHA You can't beat that man!!
Xavier: Oh yeah?

*Xavier sends out the almight HEYMAN MONSTER*
Gerry: OoO, Not cool man!
Xavier: Fuck you man, *uses Magic spell AD Alliance*
*Heyman Monster gains 999999 ATK Points*
*Gerry dies*
Xavier: Yeah we win man!!! That's so cool man!! HAHAHA you died Gerry!...Well, LATER MAN!!!!
by gerryforreals October 29, 2009
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