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Heyman smash - referring to the terms of Heyman and Heyman monster.

Heyman Smash is known as a verb.

Its used to smash people down that let you down.

Sometimes, Heyman smash is also known as " kicking the bucket"

The Filipino God Heyman with his loyal companion Heyman Monster would rule the world of the Phillipines back when Gods were around.

They would utterly destroy their enemies with their well known move of the Heyman Smash.

This famous god also used Air Drum sticks to enhance his Smashing capabilities.

It was also said that The Greek God Thor used his lightning powers to combine it with the god Heyman to allow his Air drum sticks to become Super charged!

Thus allowing him to take down any one that challenged him.

If anybody angered this powerful god, he would also go through a heyman-charge henceforth giving him huge amount of power that is bitterly impossible to take down.

His trusty companion Heyman Monster will also take anybody that challenges his Leader by biting them with his almighty teeth of domo.
Heyman God : heyman! You can't step on this land !
This belongs to me and my trust companion heyman monster!

Heyman Monster: Thats right man! DOMO!

Heyman God : MMMMMM heyman-charge!!!

by JasenOHBOY November 01, 2009
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