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This is the ole bait and switch where you mess with a girl's head while propositioning her. You throw her off by talking about STDs during a game of pickup - a classic no-no, however, you tell you are clean which makes her wonder why you would even say that. Just as she is pondering if the reason you brought up herpes is because she might appear as someone slutty enough that has to announce they don't have herpes, you then pull a Kyrie Irving ankle breaking cross over and ask her to come over to eat nachos. She's still racking her brain with the herpes comment that offering nachos is as soothing as getting a lollipop after visiting the doctor. You own her now and its a scientific fact that girls who eat nachos have a 78% higher chance of taking a full bukkake to the face during random Tinder hookups.
Man, Brandon went to town on Tinder last night - he was so wasted slingin his best lines at the girls -always closing with his "At least I don't have Herpes. Let's get nachos." line to seal the deal. For every 10 girls he asked to get nachos with there's always one sloppy chubber who is DFN (Down for Nachos) at 330 am. He always finds his Herpes No, Nachos Yes girl.
by bringmethechicken November 21, 2013
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