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Any multilayered stuffed dessert consisting of 5 or more dessert ingredients to include but not limited to; Reeses, cookies, cupcakes, pies, cake, and baked goods.

Originally created in a field training environment when a group of U.S Soldiers tried to create a birthday cake for their platoon leader. Using what leftovers they had from MRE's and what was left of their last chow distribution, they created the first Herpes Muff Cup (Hershey Kiss, Pie, Muffin, Cookie , cake and cup cake)
"Herpes Muff Cup" is a Hersey kiss stuffed in an oreo cookie, wedged between two Reeses cups. Stuffed in a cup cake then in a muffin. Added to a pie and put in a cake.
by Nitsua IKoto April 19, 2012
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