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A battle cry, screamed under the condition that:
1. The user has set up and executed or is intending to set up and execute Teh CUB3 stratagy in a game of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and is informing his or her opponent of how hopelessly fucked they are.
2. The user is about to chuck a Nintendo Gamecube at someone's head, via the rear located handle.
3. The user is associated with Warbucket and felt like saying it.
"So I sent a shade to scout out his base, and I see him unsummoning all of his buildings. Then I look around a little more and I see a square of all these towers. I said 'wtf' and all he said in return was 'OWNED, HERE COME THE CUBE MOTHERFUCKER'. I lost that game, badly."
by ID-Gabriel-HM August 02, 2005
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