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The creator of Herb's Van, ex-TnB administrator. Known by many as the nicest, and coolest guy who ever walked on this hellhole we call Earth. Herbie Vargo was a legend. The most intelligent, kind, and calm kid you'd ever know. A great friend, an even better person at heart. He would help you with anything, and unlike the definition as "oblivious troll bait", he was the king of trolls. Herbert Vargo III, formally known, was an absolute genius when it came to computers. He knew the answer to almost any question you asked him. He loved his mother just as close as any friend he had.
Herbie Vargo was a truly great kid. He ruled this place as king from 10-4-1994 until 6-29-2010. He will be missed terribly. We all love you Herbie.
by Friends... July 28, 2010
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