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A sex position involving 6-9 people.
3 males and 3 females are required.
The remaining 0-3 people can be of either sex.

The three males sit with their backs together so that their legs stick out from the center with 120 degrees spacing.
Each of the three women straddles a man, facing him, and engages in intercourse. The women also simultaneously reach around to both of the other couples and provide manual stimulation.

The remaining people are given the names Mac, Kelsey, and Schaffer. These people are the bitches of the people in the Henday Tower and must do whatever the people in the Henday Tower want, otherwise they must just watch and manually stimulate themselves if so desired.

Henday Towering is the act of performing a Henday Tower.

If one previously engaged in a Henday Tower, they have Henday Towered.
Example 1
Male 1: "Hey do you want to go Henday Tower those girls?"
Male 2: "Ya I'm in, I love Henday Towering!"
Male 3: "Well there are four of them and three of us..."
Male 1: "Ya, we'll just make the ginger Mac."
Male 3: "Perfect, I'm in!"

Example 2
Person 1: "So when we Henday Towered last night, I got Mac to go make me a sandwich and feed it to me halfway through."
Person 2: "That's so awesome! I'm soo jealous, but what did Kelsey and Schaffer do?"
Person 1: "Well we made Kelsey give Schaffer a rim job, then Schaffer gave the girl opposite me anal."
Person 2: "You gotta get me in on this next time!"
by sex positions international September 28, 2010
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