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Scottish term really only ever heard spoken by characters within the pages of Oor Wullie. Can translate to mean roughly "Goodness gracious me!"
Help ma' Boab a jist aboot fucked ma heid aff ae the lamp post!
by scottie boy April 18, 2008
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The scottish term 'help ma' boab' refers to something owned by the individual, which requires help. The particular thing requiring help is the 'boab' aka 'boaby'. The 'boab' aka 'mydingalingaling' is the sausage shaped piece of the human anatomy which is found in the male gender of the species.
Wullie: dr dr i've been gettin some real pains down below like, ya ken!

Dr: I see, and what is it yi want me to do son?

Wullie: I need yi tae 'help ma' boab'
by drmoooo March 08, 2011
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