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1.An oriental chidren's snack. It is a chocolate fille, bite-sized,biscuit shaped in cute ways with cute panda designs on the biscuits.

2. Last ditch effort if unable to get a hold of Pepero or Pocky.
kid1: Hey. I'm kinda hungry. Got anyhting to eat?
Kid2: Well, wehave some Hello Panda in the kitchen.
Kid1: Damn man.Why the hell dont you have any Pepero orPocky? -bitch slaps kid2-
by D.J.Corny Name April 12, 2005
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Hello Panda is just this like, japanese cookie thing. It's got cream and stuff inside. It's like Pocky, except less overrated and less familiar to weaboos.

When you bite into it, the sticky creamy white stuff fills your mouth.

See what I did there?
"...Oh cool, I just bought some Hello Panda. Good for me. :D"
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