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Someone single contraint from not having sex following a surgery or simply is not able due to some medical reasons...Well we do often take things from granted but when you got a broken leg or a shoulder surgery or even are not able to perform active sex's frustrating when you used to fly around like an eagle...
That's why when you spend more then one night alone and you have lust of performing sex or making love but your injury won't let it become tied to HELL'S's really hell

It can be also when you find nobody with who you can perform sex with or when your girlfriend or boyfriends or your wife or your bitch....let you down .....between us i prefer a surgery then to be let down....;)
Person A ... Hey buddy what's up ?...want to get down tonight ?
Person B... This surgery fucks.....Bro...I'm tied to hell'sexbed for three weeks....
Person A... Sorry dude ..I'm horny...wish you to recover quickly
by REBEU13 June 09, 2009
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