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Warning; Excessive ammounts of fandom are required to comprehend this.

Helga Hufflepuff was one of the four founders of Hogwarts over a thousand years ago, along with Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Her House was named Hufflepuff after her, people believe that it's the House you go to if you aren't brave, smart, or an ass, but Hufflepuff is often under-estimated. Students from Hufflepuff are usually the most friendly and hard-working students.

Helga Hufflepuff's symbol was the badger, as Ravenclaw's was the raven, Gryffindor's was the lion, and Slytherin's was the serpent.


Hufflepuff had a cup that was passed down through the generations to a woman named Hepzibah Smith. Tom Riddle killed her, confunded her house-elf into believing it poisoned her cocoa, and stole the cup. Riddle then turned it into a Horcrux.
by mary-mary June 09, 2009
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