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When a female bends over and you see her labia dangling out of the corner of her pantie or thong. There are many different degrees of dangle. The most common would be the triangular dangeler. That is when the pussy lips hang out of both sides. There is also the rectangular dangelar. That is when the pussy lips cup the top of the pantie and dangle to the bottom. The most serious degree is the meat dangler also refered to as the octangular dangelar is when you cannot tell the diffference between her pussy lips aka labia dangling or her ass lips dangling. Aka perturding ass flaps. Aka the meat hanger.
Dude 1: oh man, last night i encountered the worst heavy dangler ever dude.
Dude 2: noooo way! Was it a trianglar or a rectangular?

Dude 1: no dude it was an octangular!
Dude 2: what the fuck is that? I am ligit scared!

Dude 1: you should be!
Dude 2: I have a feeling I will regret this, but what is that?
Dude 1: Imagine Octamom getting banged by a tree stump. The last time i saw her she turned a bar stool upside down and occupied every leg with every hole. So basically, every hole had quadralateral dangle.
by Lady88 August 19, 2017
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