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Heavy Metal Kings is a song from Jedi Mind Tricks ft. ILL Bill, From the album Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell 2006 release.

It is also the album name to Vinnie Paz and ILL Bill's collaboration album "Heavy Metal Kings" set to release Spring 2011.
Heavy Metal Kings - Jedi Mind Tricks ft. ILL Bill.
Ill Bill
without order nothing exists, without chaos nothing evolves
now get on your knees so I can stick this gun in your mouth
I'm a slayer, I'll personify Holocaust, Columbine
Middle Passage, Israel versus Palestine
It's the cult leader drink your Kool-Aid
roll with the doctors that produce AIDS
I open my mouth, I shoot flames
the freedom fighter that got the whole world terrified
Ill Bill, human manifestation of genocide
stand amongst Grammy winning grimy nose candy sniffers
blast the black metal at you like Danny Loco
it's impossible to escape my matrix of hate
I'll make a good girl a cum dumpster sayin' don't wait
set the razors to AKs and turn razors to grapes
turn blood into wine with an insatiable taste
drink from the goblet of gore, vomitting porn
Sodom and Gomorrah back to Canarsie New York
by HeavyMetalKing2011 January 12, 2011
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