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noun. A 1947 "Silversides" Greyhound Bus that was rescued by the B-Town Posse from a junkyard. It was slated to be destroyed and turned into scrap metal. Thankfully it did not suffer that fate and lived to see yet another day.
It went through many phases from being a beat-up hunk o' junk to an AMAZING velveteen lounge on wheels. Lots of LOVE went into restoring it and getting it up and on the road again.
The Heaven Bus is now legendary.
It was the vehicle that toured the B-Town Posse to many a reggae shows (Reggae on the River), festivals (Oregon Country Fair) and concerts (Coachella). The WICKED DJ CREW was also privy to being toted around on this pimpadelic luxury coach. It was also the transportation of choice for the Mystic Family Circus. Hot springs were also frequently visited by happy Heaven Bus riders.
No one has seen the Heaven Bus for years now. Some people doubt that it even exists.
Now only a select few know of it's whereabouts, rumor has it, that it is slated for a "Heaven Revival Tour".

Oh my god, I gotta pack! Heaven Bus will be here any second to pick me up. We're going on tour for a month this time.
...What am I going to wear?!?!?!?

Hey!, there's a "HEAVEN" party tonight at Jelly's! Let's go!!!!! Who's the D.J.?
by DJ Willow from Paris August 24, 2007
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