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pron. heeth-ey, skwid-
A bottom dwelling creature known commonly to the Yamba region.

To this date there has been sightings to only one specimen of this species. Many argue that it is the sub-speices or offspring of a Squid and a grub.
First sighted in 1992 this creature has been reported to make life on land, yet stay very inactive during daylight hours. During the night it has most commonly been seen in attempts at faunicating with other species whilst indulging on fermented fruits.

Scientific studies resulted in noticing highly social behaviours with another endangered bottom dwelling crustacean, the Jamoshell Clam. Whilst in company of each other the two would often take part in courtship and the caressing one another.
Sightings of the Heathy Squid have been less prominent in recent months. Yet there have been claims that the creature has migrated north to warmer climates for breeding. Leaving the Jamoshell Clam in a state of confusion and paranoia. Jamoshell sightings have now been less regular suggesting the creature has gone back down to the depths for hibernation.
"I saw the Jamoshell and Heathy Squid thing the other night, it was disgusting"
by esta_ August 21, 2014
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