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Heather Noelle's are very rare. Once you find one don't ever let go. They are the most wonderfully adored women on the face of the earth. Heather Noelle's fill your heart with love and always keep you coming back for more. If you find yourself in their presence, bow down... They always leave you with a smile that no other girl can come close to matching... so for that, bow down again. They like their hair played w/, and love their massages. Wrap your arms around them, bc they like it. Heather Noelle = your world. And they rawwr so watch out...

Rawwr, I love you bnmp! Best that's ever happened to me and you are my world.
Have you met Heather Noelle? She is the most beautiful person I have ever layed this eyes upon.
by Mr. Brooksie February 01, 2010
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