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1. Smokes cigars in her barren fields of no fucks given

2. Halo game fanatic

3. A girl who speakes her mind and does her best to escape from her miserable family who will not leave her alone. Adventurous and sometimes lonely. She makes an amazing best friend and she always finds a way to make you laugh! Heather Pummills always have an amazong personality and tend to look for the best in people.

4. Stubborn, reliable, bad shit crazy and Resilient.

5. Rated R

6. If you ever have a Her as a lover, be ready for bar fights and the most passionate relationship you've ever had!

7. A complete Bad ass!!

8.Always underestimated and makes the best coworker!

9. Once convinced a pilot to fly her home to get away from a private institution

10. The bestest friend a Macy could ever ask for!

11. Too bloody stupid to apologize (sincere or not) and take the f*ckin money from that studio before she regrets it
"Hell" or "shite" are two things a Heather Pummill would say.
by GreyFoxWolf1999 June 22, 2018
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