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Heath Slater is a professional wrestler in the WWE. He was a member of the original Nexus and of the Corre. Heath is also a three time tag team champion and likes to whip his ginger locks back and forth.
Heath Slater is the One Man Rock Band and he will blow your mind! Naw mean?
by lobsterhead! June 13, 2011
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A wwe superstar who took 4th place on nxt season one, was partof the nexus and corre, a three time tag team champion withjustin gabriel. A so-so wrestler with so-so mic skills. Calls himself the "one man southern rock band".
"John Cena:(to slater) look, its the wendys chick!

heath slater: shut up you big ol' bowl of fruity pebbles!"
by Shogunn'sShotgun October 30, 2011
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