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A school that shut down and I am so happy. The first example you will experience that God sends you miracles if you read the Bible. I hope you never attended Heald because although good in many ways , and bad, they deserved all they got for putting high loans on students. If you are Christian, you would have been glad this school closed down.
Heald College remained open from 2012 until April of 2015 when I got a text saying that they closed it down. Praise the Lord!
by ChristianQueen May 10, 2018
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On April 26, 2015 Heald College closed down due to a lawsuit filed by the Government. And your just glad that it closed down because the teachers knew they were working for the biggest scam company in the world. The teachers would not let you go to sleep.
Any student who attended a Heald College program and believes that the school lied about job prospects, the transferability of credits, or other issues may apply to have their federal student loans canceled.
by ChristianQueen June 17, 2018
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