Headspace is where a partner in the group has a sort of alter ego where they enjoy slipping into the headspace of a younger child as a stress reliever. Most people in there little space( head space) call there caregiver( other partner) mommy or daddy. A mommy in a partnership is where the other partner has a mommy kink and is enjoyed being called mommy or mistress or miss and has the job of acting like a mommy when they’re in headspace but sometimes they have a mommy kink which makes the whole relationship kinkier. Perhaps the little of the partnership breaks a vase or is throwing a tantrum or says no or even brakes rules. Then the mommy in the group will punish them. Here’s an example (don’t forget the little always has consent and safe word and they can enjoy it)
Mommy: baby boy come here for a minute
Little: yes mommy ( in headspace MD/LB
Mommy: did you break one of my rules and eat those cookies with out permission.
Little: (starts to cry) I’m sorry mommy I need a punishment.
Mommy: come lay on my lap baby boy I’m going to spank you 25 times you will thank me after each one

Then you can picture the rest
by I have a huge mommy kink August 25, 2021
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