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Writing some form of "happy birthday" on someone's wall on Facebook based on how well you know/like the person.

-Don't know the person: Don't say happy birthday

-Don't like the person: "hbd"

-Indifferent to the person: "happy birthday"

-Don't know but still like the person: "happy birthday!"

-Talked to the person once or twice: "happy birthday!!" or "Happy Birthday {insert name}"

-Friends but not close friends: "Happy Birthday {insert name}! Have a good one!"

-Good friends: "Happy Birthday {insert name}!!!!!!!! {insert inside joke} have an awesome day!!"

-Best friends (mostly for girls): Long and obnoxious post taking up half the newsfeed filled with hearts and inside jokes
Dude, Emma just wrote "hbd" on your wall...according to the Hbd Rate it looks like she's mad at you.

I didn't know Hannah liked me so much until she wrote "Happy Birthday" on my wall with 5 exclamation points! Damn, that's high on the Hbd Rate!

Ew I don't even know this kid...guess I won't wish him happy birthday since I religiously follow the Hbd Rate.
by Kevinn07 July 30, 2011
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