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A small town in North Idaho, most famed because the small Aryan Nation compound gained national attention in the early 21st Century.

Now, the Aryan Nations are gone and Hayden Lake is home to aging upper-middle class white families that are not outwardly racist, but do use words like "negro" in a very polite way and still refer to all asian people as "oriental." Not that a black person (or an asian) would ever dream of going to Hayden Lake, but the locals are cautious anyway.
Hayden Lake Resident: we're not racist!

Out of towner: really? but what about that whole Aryan Nations thing like ten years ago? Didn't that happen in Hayden Lake, Idaho?

Hayden Lake Resident: oh! We kicked them out. We don't stand for that kind of racial hatred here.

Out of towner: oh. okay. . . so you want to go get some mexican food?

Hayden Lake Resident: no. I'm uncomfortable when brown people touch my food. I don't even let them clean my house. They could steal something.
by northIDescapee June 09, 2011
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