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A very cold - but humorous - Hollywood dismissal derived from the commonplace parting “have a nice day,” but taken to the utmost extreme. “Have a nice century” is even more insulting than telling somebody to “have a nice life”. “Have a nice century” implies to the person receiving the dismissal, “you are literally of zero worth to me and always will be – I’m completely sure that your life on this Earth will end with such little significance, that I will never have to concern myself with your petty existence again,” or, in short, “you’re done.” This phrase was originally coined by the music artist Solo (Rowland), and since has become common around Hollywood – especially by talent agents, managers, directors & movie producers like Mike Lewis, the Vice President of Crown Model Management.
As the arrogant would-be model marched out of his office shouting profanities, Mr. Lewis calmly responded with one line: "have a nice century". At that moment, she knew: her hopes of ever making it big in the entertainment industry were gone.
by Mr. Ivankov February 22, 2010
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