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Santa's Head Elf at the North Pole. This Elf is a male and he communicates directly with Santa. He collects any requests directed at Santa, employs protection for Santa, acts as Santa's Public Relations Manager, keeps the Naughty/Nice list up to date, and acts as a Leason between the North Pole an the Un-seen Services council witch includes the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, the Boogie Man, and so on. Santa's Head Elf is also responsible for all other Elves, Reindeer and the satisfaction of Mrs. Clause. In Case of Emergency such as the 2001 invasion by Jack Frost, Santa's Head Elf is in charge of employing the North Poles Emergecny Policies.
No one knows more about the North Pole than Hassel Elf Clause because he has to.
by Archon of the UnSeen Servies November 11, 2009
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