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A shot made to a grounded wounded fowl from close range

inside 4 paces and almost always missed......Originator of the Harvey Shot was Originally from Minnesota,and is now residing in Arizona where he fine tunes his craft of bagging less than 10%
of his "Harvey Shots" .......SIDE NOTE...The Originator of the "Harvey Shot" NOT legally blind and has full vision and capable eye-site.
The Harvey hunter raised his rifle to miss all 7 of the overhead flying dove, only to see his fellow hunter shoot 3 birds from the flock.......The Harvey hunter that missed all the birds then see's one of his fellow hunters grounded and wounded birds not 10' away and starts firing round after round.... and the "Harvey Shot"
becomes reality as the original hunter shoots the bird from 40 feet and bags all 3 birds himself.
by Paydog88 September 15, 2011
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