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The kick ass conservatory at the not so kick ass University of Hartford started by Julius Hartt and some dude from Russia who's last name was Paranov. Also contains the Jackie Mclean Institute of Jazz, started by Jackie Mclean and to this day providing pretentious Berklee snobs an institution to fear/hate on/do graduate work at. Students learn from some of the best teachers in the industry including Nat Reeves, Eric Mcpherson, Rene Mclean, Steve Davis and Jimmy Green. Students also learn valuable skills, such as how to avoid being mugged by crack dealers around the schools entrances and what times of the night to not walk alone outside of campus grounds.
"I go to the HARTT SCHOOL OF MUSIC, not the University of Hartford!"

"Man, those kids from the HARTTbeat {commonly used slang nickname for the school} were killin!"
by spicyvanilla September 23, 2009
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