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In the Harry Potter fandom, Harry Potter Next Generation describes the generation of kids of the Golden Trio and others of

the same generation. Some kids of the Next Generation were introduced in the epilogue of the last book in the Harry Potter

series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and others were confirmed by J.K. Rowling in an interview.

Cannon Next Generation characters;

Harry and Ginny's kids: James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Lily Luna Potter

Ron and Hermione's kids: Rose Weasley, Hugo Weasley

Draco and Astoria {Greengrass}'s kid: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

Tonks and Lupin's kid: Teddy Lupin

Bill and Fleur's kids: Victoire Weasley, Dominique Weasley, Louis Weasley

George and Angelina's kids: Fred Weasley (II), Roxanne Weasley

Percy and Audrey {Unknown last name}'s kids: Molly Weasley, Lucy Weasley

Luna and Rolf {Scamander}'s kids: Lysander Scamander, Lorcan Scamander (Twins)
My friends and I are incredibly obsessed with Harry Potter Next Generation.
by bickering_sidekicks April 24, 2011
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