A group of people of all ages, from every walk of life, ten-year-olds to thirty-somethings, who love the Harry Potter books and participate in the online community, and meet-ups, devoted to those books.

The Harry Potter Fandom is extremely diverse, very close-knit, and incredibly crazy, with people genuinely shipping everything from Ron/Hermione to Hogwarts/Giant Squid, but (usually) all loving each other anyway. And even when they don't, they will all band together, no matter who hates who for what reason, if it means defending something that is important to them, usually Harry Potter related.

"We need Harry Potter,
Like a grindylow needs water."
Person 1: I finally looked into that Harry Potter Fandom stuff you're always talking about.

Person 2: What did you think?

Person 1: Those kids are fucking nuts.

Person 2: They are. But they're also amazing.
by Whitneaaaaa August 17, 2008
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