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When one of your friends is having sex with a girl, typically one for whom you do not particularly care, you assemble a group of 39 of your closest friends. The forty of you, no more, no less, then hide in the closet of the room in which the intercourse is to take place. When your friend give the signal, or when you deem appropriate, all forty of you pile out of the closet, beat the shit out of the girl, and leave.
Chrissy: Joe's taking Tara to the dance this weekend
Sam: Well, you know what they'll be doing afterwards, given her reputation
Chrissy: Yeah...what should we do about it?
Sam: Round up 38 friends and find a nice closet. We're giving her a Harlem Beatdown
by sd13 January 27, 2008
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While having sex with a black woman, a group of your friends pop out of a closet in the house you are having sex with the woman in, beat the shit out of the black woman, and leave.
Me and my buddies performed a Harlem Beatdown the other day.
by Pants.. January 23, 2007
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