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Harlaxton College: this is the British campus of the University of Evansville, of Evansville, IN. It is located in Grantham. At this British establishment American students blow their money and or their parent's money on alcohol and other frivolous items and activities, and many or almost all students return to the United States broke and with GPAs that have decreased. The college is located in a country where the currency is worth over twice as much as American currency. Many students travel around Europe where the euro is also worth more than the American dollar. The college is also located on a continent where most people are anti-American, so they are more than happy to take as much money as possible from dumb American college students.
Smart student: Hey man wana go out...see a movie, eat?...catch up on old times?
Dumb student: Nah, I blew all my money at Harlaxton..on alcohol and traveling around Europe.
Smart student: That sucks.
Dumb student: Tell me about it...I worked all summer and then spent it all in a semester. Hey man, why didn't you go to Harlaxton College?
Smart student: I didn't go because I know that the British pound is worth twice as much as the American dollar. I rather keep my good grades, get a good job, and with all the money that I make then I can afford a European extravagance...have fun being broke.
by Smart student January 20, 2008
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