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A game which is similar to the regular game of fruitsalad, but HARDCORE. Players sit in a circle with legs crossed and are named certain fruits, eg. Apple, Orange. One person standing in the middle of the circle calls out a few names of the "fruits". Those fruits have to switch places with the person in the middle, but they can trip, pick up and throw, push, use wrestling moves, drag away, or use any other method to get the spot before the other people. The idea is to get a spot in the circle. The person who doesn't get a spot and cross their legs first is now in the middle of the circle. If the players uncross their legs while sitting in the circle, they can be fought for their spot. If the person in the middle calls "Fruitsalad" everyone in the circle switches spots. Think Musical Chairs, with a twist.
A game of Hardcore Fruitsalad
Person in middle: Apple, Kiwi, Grape, Orange, Banana, GO!
They switch spots.
New Person in the middle: Fruitsalad!
Chaos happens as people get into a wrestling match while trying to switch spots
by Shmorgasbord November 19, 2009
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