A great app for your iPhone/Android that lets you store anything that makes you happy and essentially create your own happy place! Music, photos, videos, quotes or even journal entries - if it make you happy then it goes in your Happy Place.
"I love this picture! It makes me smile every time I see it. I am going to add it to My Happy Place app!"

"This song always puts me in a good mood! I am going to add it to My Happy Place app!"

"This Youtube video always makes me laugh, but I hate having to search for it all the time! Maybe I should just add it to My Happy Place!"

"Wow I had such a great date with this really cool guy I have been seeing! Maybe I should write a journal about it in My Happy Place app! And I'll add a picture of both of us to the entry also!"

"This quote from my Grandma always cracks me up. I should probably add it to My Happy Place app!"
by Really Happy Person January 31, 2014
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a term used to mean a place visualized or relived in ones mind as horrible or unpleasant things occur
Person 1: my happy place is the My Chemical Romance concert on september 21st. whts your's?
Person 2: Marilyn Manson's house
by Sarah & Jessi October 21, 2005
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