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A hangover that continues to screw you well beyond the standard time, giving you a new gift of shame each day.

Day 1 You wake up covered in vomit and urine and no recollection of the night before, hahaha good times.
Day 2 You find your credit card only to release you must have bought the city out of booze with it.
Day 3. This is the tow yard we have your vehicle down here
Day 4 Oh sweet a wonderful collage of photos have surfaced of you puking, eating a burrito with no hands, and being seduced by an swamp donkey.
Day 5. Swamp donkey tries to friend you on Facebook
Day 6. Swamp donkey shows up at you're house asking for its underwear back which you mistook for a pillow case
Day 7. Oh god is my junk supposed to be that red

Day 8. Fuck it it's the weekend it time to rinse and repeat
Oh god this hang over hand turned into a Hanukka hangover.
by COW PLOW July 06, 2012
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