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1. Hannah Nicole Walden is typically a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not only are they super amazing, but they can make one feel frisky within seconds. They like to write, read, act, and be lazy.
2. One who is addicted to Tumblr.
3. Hannah Nicole Walden's are crazy awkward and have no sense of humor, but once they get comfortable with a person, they are kind of cool, maybe.
4. They like Chinese food.
5. They like penguins.
6. They appear sweet, and generally are, but they have a naughty side that is AMAZING.
7. Do they got the booty? Kinda.
8. Do they got the boobies? Yes.
9. They care a lot about people and hate making people sad.
10. They are weird.
Oh, Hannah Nicole Walden? She's kind of cool.
by Musicalmess February 02, 2014
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