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Requesting another chance to shake hands due to a handshake mishap (e.g. missing and grabbing just fingers) on the first attempt. The handshake reset allows both participants to save face and also helps prevent the moment of unspoken awkwardness, outright ridicule or even death that usually follows a handshake mishap.
Guy 1: Yo whatโ€™s up man? Been a while (Goes in for a handshake and partially misses, grabbing just fingers).

Guy 2: (Moment of unspoken awkwardness) Uuuuuhhh yeah man............good to see you too.

Guy 1: Yo dude I fucking missed. Can we get a handshake reset on that?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah we can! Glad you asked for that or I was about to whoop your ass!

Guy 1: And I wouldโ€™ve deserved it. (Handshake reset results in a proper handshake and everyone is happy!)
by JSnoop September 21, 2011
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