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When two people are attempting to shake hands and some sort of mishap occurs such as one person partially missing the other person's hand and ending up shaking just their fingers.

Grabbing just fingers is terrible and is sometimes misinterpreted as giving someone a limp fish handshake. Both the limp fish and just fingers make a terrible impression on both close friends and complete strangers leading to harsh reactions ranging from a moment of unspoken awkwardness, to outright ridicule or even death in some cultures.

Therefore if a handshake mishap occurs the best resolution is to immediately ask for a handshake reset. While this will not completely absolve the handshake mishap it does go a long way towards making things right.
Guy 1: Damn it! I was on my job interview and there was a handshake mishap and I ended up grabbing just fingers.

Guy 2: Did the interviewer say anything?

Guy 1: No but I could tell there was just a moment of unspoken awkwardness. He probably thought I was giving him the limp fish and was put off by it.

Guy 2: Did you ask for a handshake reset?

Guy 1: No I totally blanked!

Guy 2: Dude you're fucked! No way you're getting that job. You should have just walked out mid-interview and saved everyone's time. At least be glad he didn't kill you because he was within his rights to do so. I know I would have.
by JSnoop September 22, 2011
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