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Pronounced: Hunk-coo Dew-Runt
A combination of name and surname to give to a child who has reached high school without undergoing any symptoms of puberty and because of his insecurities he is an overall doos and struggles to get accepted at school and/or by his family. A Hanco Du Rand may/or may not be fully homosexual but whether or not they learn to enjoy the company of a woman, they will most likely never be able to not get aroused by men. In short: A Hanco Du Rand could be the guy at your sleep over constantly asking to join you in your room when you change cloths but will always prefer to change somewhere nobody else can see and when confronted about why he is like this he will most likely go into defensive mode and talk shit about your parents or maybe your sister if you have one.
Potgieter: "We had this guy at the party last night who kept insisting that he and I should measure our dicks against each other, when I refused to do it cause it sounded hella gay he started mocking me about my father's financial state and kept saying he slept with my mother."
Magda:"Sounds like a real Hanco Du Rand."
by Gekastreerde Meneer September 15, 2019
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